Sustainable living

One step at a time

Urban living and sustainability are not always aligned. However, instead of focusing on the incompatibilities of the two, we can try to integrate these. Depending on the life situation sustainable practices may range from living completely off grid to adopting only one or two simple routines. Each little effort matters.
Here are some sustainable practices one could include in their lives.

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Compost Kitchen Scraps
Simplest method of composting could be burying kitchen scraps everyday in the garden.
Other methods including:
  • Composting in commercially available composting bins.
  • Composting in large terracotta pots.
  • Composting bin made out of wood planks or wire, in a corner of your yard.
  • In ground composting pit.
If one does not have time or motivation for experimenting with these methods of composting then burying kitchen scraps in the garden soil will be easiest to start with. Keep rotating the area you bury the scraps in.
Reduce waste
  • Food - buy perishable foods in amounts less than you think you need, even when on sale. Often we tend to overestimate the need specially when something is affordable.
  • Furniture and household items - buy the best quality. In the long run it means more money in bank and less garbage in the landfill