Summer Vegetables

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Chilli Peppers
Chilli peppers are heat tolerant plants although their production slows down during extreme summer heat. However, they pick up again as weather cools down below 100 F
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yellow squash, zucchini and other squashes do very well in our hot weather. It may help to plant more than once, a month apart, April-July, to have consistent long harvesting. Mexican squash which is a round variety, has good taste and yield.
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Eggplant, with so many varieties, is a great one to grow in hot summer season. Common varieties available in local nurseries are black beauty which is a round medium sized and Ichiban which is a medium long eggplant as shown in the picture. There are a number of other varieties available from seeds.
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Gourds do very well in this climate and tolerate our alkaline soil well. Most of the gourds, when picked young, can be cooked same way as zucchini and other squashes.
Seeds are available online from various companies.
Some Gourd varieties can be planted as late as last week of July and the fast growing vines will likely still produce good amount before frost.
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Small size omatoes and Cherry tomatoes do very well. in our hot dry climate.
Sungold, shown in this picture, is an excellent tasting variety of cherry tomatoes and has a very high yield.
Planting in areas where they can get late afternoon shade during the hottest months, increases the yields and keeps the plants healthier. However if no shade available in the garden, still these plants will be fine. The yield may decrease during the hottest months but will pick up again in September. Planting a second batch of transplants in summer is another idea to have higher yield during fall season.