recipe, oatmeal

Recipes from different cuisines made with whole natural ingredients.

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ginger milk, turmeric milk
A warm comforting drink in winter, Ginger milk with turmeric and cardamom.
mustard greens, corn

Mustard Greens with Corn and Black Beans
A simple and quick recipe for mustard greens

noodles, pasta with kale, walnuts, spring greens

Noodles with Kale and Walnuts, a delicious way to enjoy winter and spring greens

oatmeal, oatmeal with dates and figs

A warm breakfast of
oatmeal with figs and dates

mung pancakes, mung breakfast, mung bean

Mung Pancakes with veggies and flavor of cilantro

beet and peanuts, breakfast beets, cook beets

A quick and delicious breakfast -
beets and peanuts with a hint of fresh lime

sprouted mung, sprouted beans, sprouted mung bean snack

Sprouted mung beans for a nutritious breakfast or snack

okra recipe, slime free okra recipe, no slime okra

An Okra recipe, Bhindi Sabji, with Okra, onion, tomato and flavor of spices
fruit yogurt snack, healthy snack, healthy breakfast, quick snack

A quick and delicious snack or for breakfast