El Paso Twigs


healthy breakfast with fruit and yogurt
Ingredients: (for one snack-size serving)

Strawberries: 2-3
Blueberries: 8-10
Figs: 1
Almonds and/or other nuts such as walnuts:: 5-6
Yogurt: half or one cup

Home made yogurt or greek yogurt with the thick and separate chunks gives a delicious texture in the mouth. The thin whey that separates in the homemade yogurt causes even more variation in the consistency of the yogurt which tastes better with the different flavors of fruit and nuts. Often in the store bought greek yogurt there is no whey therefore 1-2 tablespoons of water could be added. Do not blend the yogurt and water too well and turn only once or twice to lightly mix (do not homogenize it). Add all the fruit and nuts to the yogurt. Do
NOT mix them too well as the mouthful of separate fruit and yogurt tastes slightly different than the well mixed fruit and yogurt. Even without any sweetener the figs and the berries give it a varying sweetness which never tastes too sweet.
Fruit-nut-Yogurt can be enjoyed in the breakfast or as a snack.