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Week of December 16

This Week

Ginger, a root with wonderful culinary and medicinal qualities
cilantro, grow herb
Week of December 9

This Week

No other herb can replace fresh
cilantro leaves in a salsa. An extremely easy to grow herb which brings number of benefits to the garden and kitchen.
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Week of November 18

Rhizobium and leguminous plant - a great symbiosis that also helps increase soil fertility
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Week of November 11

Attract birds to have a lively home garden
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Week of November 4

Read about different ways to cook mung beans
swiss chard, grow chard in container

Week of October 28

Swiss Chard, a green foliage plant that is beautiful in garden and nutritious on plate.
cooking chickpeas
Week of October 14

Some ideas on different methods of cooking with
Millet in cooking, millet a nutritious grain
Week of October 7

Read about a nutritious grain,
millet. Tips to use millet in cooking.
rosemary, drought tolerant, natural cat repellant
Week of September 30 / October 1

The aromatic herb rosemary
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Week of September 23

Avocado is a unique nutrient rich fruit that is always a favorite of food lovers.
pomegranate desert climate, pomegranate el paso
Week of September 16

Easy to grow, beautiful and productive fruit tree well adapted to El Paso's hot and dry climate.
green lacewing
Week of September 9

A beautiful and highly beneficial insect in the garden,
Green Lacewing
italian rellano pepper
Week of September 2

A vegetable El Paso loves the most - Chile Peppers
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Week of August 26

Hoverfly: One of the friendly buzzing bugs in the garden. Quite common yet not very much known
attract hummingbirds
Week of August 19

Attract Hummingbirds to the front yard or backyard garden. Even small patios or balcony spaces could be hummingbird friendly.
Are those hummingbird feeders good for the birds?
grow watermelon in El Paso, watermelon glycemic index, watermelon lycopene
Week of August 12

Watermelon, a refreshing delight in hot summer. Should you eat watermelon if you have diabetes? Read some growing tips and more facts on watermelon.
buckwheat, superfood
Week of August 5

A super-good superfood which is much like a grain and still much apart