Week of October 28

Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard shares space with pink flox and yellow pansy in the green ceramic container. The arrangement provides height and foliage to the large container and delicious greens for cooking.
Swiss Chard is a leafy green vegetable that thrives in cool season. After september Swiss chard will be abundant in grocery stores and can be very easily grown in the home gardens.
One benefit with any leafy green vegetable is that there is no waiting for the fruit production. The greens can find their way to your table as soon as the plant has 8-10 leaves. Pick the outer, big leaves and leave the small budding leaves inside to grow.
Swiss chard is one of the easiest greens to grow and has extremely beautiful foliage. Even if one is not interested in “vegetable gardening” or does not have a dedicated vegetable patch swiss chard is a beautiful ornamental plant that is edible. It will enhance the look of any flower container or plant bed.
It can be gown in pots or in ground. It is frost sensitive therefore during the freezing temperature cover the plant with frost cover.
Swiss chard is available in various colors. Bright lights is a variety with bright orange and red color stems that will highlight your plant bed or mixed container. Chard can be started from seeds or could be bought as transplants from the nurseries. Both fall and spring are good time to plant chard. If grown in fall and protected from the freeze with frost covers it will last through the month of May. In the hot summer starting in June it will start to wilt and lose growth. Resow or replant in fall when the temperature cools down.
Chard is related to the beets and one can find the resemblance of in leaves. It is highly nutritious and very easy to cook. The soft greens can be easily steamed or boiled. It can also be saut
éd with onions and other vegetables.
It is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A 100 grams of cooked swiss chard provides for more than the total daily requirement of vitamin A.
Experiment with growing chard and enjoying it in your garden and kitchen this season.