Week of July 15


Okra is a beautiful plant with big leaves that is good both as an edible and ornamental. It can easily fit into a front yard landscape among ornamental plants.
It is a tall plant, usually grows 4-6 feet tall depending on variety. Therefore if grown in a mixed plant bed it would be good at the back of the bed or in a corner/end of the bed.
It takes the desert heat quite well.
It has a sturdy stem and usually does not need support in the windy weather.

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It is easy to sow from seeds but plants are also available in nurseries.
Aphids can sometimes attack okra but usually dont harm the fruit and overall production. Leave them to the ladybugs which eventually will come to your garden as the garden matures.
Harvest okra young and unripe as the ripe okra will be woody, fibrous and inedible.
Okra has a slime when partially cooked but the slime goes away when it is fully cooked and specially when acidic tomatoes or other acidic ingredients are added at the end of cooking (e.g. dried mango powder, tamarind etc)
El Paso, TX
Seeds can be sown anytime from April through July. Plants from nursery can be transplanted in ground April through August