Week of November 4

Mung Bean

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If there is motivation to eat a diet rich in legumes and whole grains then there will also be a need for variation in tastes and choices of these foods. Mung is one of the legumes that is highly nutritious and can be cooked in many different ways.
Mung is a small green bean rich in protein and minerals along with fiber as most beans are. It is one of the beans that is very easy to digest . In Ayurvedic diet it is often recommended to those recovering from illness due to being high in nutritional value yet very light on the gut.
In most stores and online mung is available as whole bean. Other forms that mung is popular in other countries such as India are split beans and also as split and hulled beans.
Mung is the bean that most people might have tasted as bean sprouts in salads but may not have recognized it as mung bean.
It can be easily soaked and sprouted at home. Details on how to sprout mung can be found in the recipe section of this website.

Here are some ideas for cooking and including mung beans in your diet:

  • Savory pancakes - Soak mung overnight, grind it in food processor to make a batter. Add salt, and other spices of your choice, add finely chopped onions and peppers. Batter is ready for pancakes
  • Fermented mung pancakes: Soak and grind mung in food processor. Keep this in a covered bowl for about 8-12 hours to ferment. Add spices and other finely chopped vegetables to flavor the batter.
  • Steamed pancakes: After soaking and grinding mung, add salt and some spices for flavoring. This batter should be thicker than used for making pancakes. In a vegetable steamer that has a flat base pour the batter about 1/4 inch thick. Steam it covered. Serve it with sautéed onions and other vegetables.
  • Mung soup - soak mung and cook with onions, spices and other vegetables
  • Mung daal - split mung does not need to be soaked before cooking. Split mung is boiled with water, salt and turmeric. Once cooked it is seasoned with spices that have been heated in oil - such as cumin seeds, asafetida and red chili powder added to heated oil or ghee (about a table spoon). Split and hulled mung can also be cooked in the same way and will taste quite different.
  • Sprouted mung snack - it can be made various ways by adding sprouted mung to fruits, vegetables or nuts. One such recipe is under the recipe section of the website
  • Boiled mung can be added to any salad.