Week of September 23


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Avocado is a favorite in El Paso kitchens and dining. Although the taste may seem bland but its smooth, rich buttery texture creates a unique taste sensation and a blandness desired by most. The smooth bland flavor can bring contrast among the various ingredients of a dish and highlight the taste of each ingredient even more. On the other hand in some dishes, specially when used in a pureed form, it can blend the taste of multiple ingredients to create a mysteriously flavorful experience.
It can also help quieten down the heat of the chillies when added to any spicy dish.

Avocado is filled with goodness of taste and nutrition. It is one of the very few fruits high in fat content. Predominant fatty acids in Avocado are monounsaturated fatty acids.
Avocado is also quite high in potassium and is a good source to help raise the potassium if you have low potassium level. On the other hand it is definitely one of the fruits to avoid if you are on medications that can raise potassium or if your potassium is high due to other reasons.
Avocado is rich in various vitamins. A medium size avocado can provide approximately 50% of daily value requirement of vitamin K. It is also a good source of various B vitamins and vitamin C.
Although it is packed with nutrients but with all the good fats come the high calories. One medium size avocado (about 200 gms) has approximately 300 Kcal.
It’s buttery texture and the ability to blend well with variety of ingredients makes it a good alternative to other high calorie foods such as butter or cheese.

Avocados grow on large 30-40 feet high trees. It is a warm weather fruit and most varieties do not tolerate freeze. Therefore it is difficult to grow Avocado in El Paso as our winter may be too hostile for this fruit. In USA most of the avocado production occurs in California and some in Florida.

Avocado oil is a common ingredient in cosmetics. Try using pure avocado oil as a moisturizer. It smoothens the skin and keeps skin moisturized much longer than some other oils. Avocado oil is quite flavorful in salads and also goes well with any cooking. The oil has high smoke point and is a good oil for frying.

Avocado’s exposed surface after slicing turns dark gray due to oxidation. Squeezing lemon juice on the exposed surface delays this change.

There are often questions about whether avocado is a fruit or a vegetable. It is most often found among the vegetables in a grocery store. Botanically it is considered a fruit. Whatever you consider an avocado, try it with both fruits and vegetables. It is always a unique taste and texture in any dish.