Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Deceptive food: Is industrially processed food same as real food? It is often difficult to differentiate between the two.
See examples of common food items we often are made to believe, by advertising and labels, as good wholesome foods.
Tempting but too processed to be called food. Read about what is processed food and how can we try to break the habit and dependence on it.
Obesity and good old Mexican Food.

Mexico is the most obese city in the world. Americans love Mexican food. Should we be thinking again about eating Mexican food or is it something else that is contributing to obesity in Mexico?

Diabetes is a disease associated with many health complications and shortened life expectancy. It is a disease many El Pasoans suffer from. Read some basic information on types of diabetes, its symptoms and complications
Read about the concept of glycemic index and glycemic load