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drought tolerant, sea lavendar
Heat and drought tolerant, continues to flower in mild winters
gray hairstreak butterfly
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
Hoverfly; a beneficial insect in the garden
fall garden, water melon
easy to grow in hot, dry climate - watermelon
garden art, cermaic lizzard
Ceramic Lizzard on a palm tree stump;
summer garden
geranium, winter flowers
Zucchini flower
honeysuckle, goldflame honeysuckle, desert garden, summer gardening
Goldflame honeysuckle
Black-Swallowtail on Lantana flowers; summer garden
lesser goldfinch el paso texas
Salvia; attracts hummingbirds
Summer - Not a lot of vegetables can be planted in July but there is still time to plant some quick growing squashes and be able to harvest before the winter. Herbs like basil and oregano can be planted at anytime during summer and fall.

Harvest precious rainwater. Remember to turn off the sprinklers when it rains.

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