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drought tolerant, sea lavendar
Heat and drought tolerant, continues to flower in mild winters
gray hairstreak butterfly
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
Hoverfly; a beneficial insect in the garden
fall garden, water melon
easy to grow in hot, dry climate - watermelon
garden art, cermaic lizzard
Ceramic Lizzard on a palm tree stump;
summer garden
geranium, winter flowers
Geranium continues to flower in patio during winter temperatures in mid-upper 20s
gaillardia, pansy, winter garden
gaillardia and pansy in fall season
pansy in light snow
Black-Swallowtail on Lantana flowers; summer garden
lesser goldfinch el paso texas
Salvia; attracts hummingbirds
Fall is a good time to grow greens. It is also a good time in our southwest dry, hot climate, to plant fruit trees.
If you plan to give the soil some rest, consider planting a cover crop such as vetch.
Replenish the soil with compost and mulch heavy to protect the roots from winter chill.
Grow vegetables without a separate vegetable patch. Make your beautiful landscape edible by mixing some veggies and herbs with other ornamental landscape plants. Read more on Edible garden
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Can you find the compost bin in this picture? Read about an attractive and functional compost bin for composting kitchen scraps.
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Read about edibles easy to grow and well adapted to dry hot desert climate