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A Recycling Tip

fabric produce bag, avoid plastic bag, home made produce bag
Reduce the use of plastic produce bags

Many of us are taking our re-usable fabric/canvas bags to the grocery and other shopping which has surely reduced the use of plastic bags.
However, we do not find many alternatives for the plastic produce bags and they are still in high use in the grocery stores or even in the farmers market sometimes.
Taking your own produce bags may reduce plastic waste even further. These can be bought online or you can make your own from a sheer fabric. The sheer fabric should be a light shade so that the cashier can easily see the contents at the check-out counter.
Any old damaged sheer fabric garments can be reused to make bags. Cut into rectangles of desired size and join two rectangles to make a bag. If the fabric frays the seams may need to be finished and the top edge folded and sewn. There is no need to attach any handles or ties in most bags.
The bag in this picture is made from old, damaged sheer curtain.
Make at least 10-15 bags in different sizes. As most sheer fabrics are easy to wash and dry, any dirt from the greens and root veggies can be easily rinsed off by water. They can be left to dry on drying rack. Wash them in the washing machine if too dirty for a simple rinse.

Summer Garden

Enjoy the summer rain and vegetable harvest


Fresh water is precious on earth and specially so in desert climate. Why not harvest rainwater falling on our individual properties and collectively prevent huge water runoff.

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